The Fundamental Need for a Foundation of Integrity and Self-Love: Thoughts for New Year.

I hope you are enjoying the end of the year events and celebrations.  Most of the “noise” leading up to this time is about setting goals and making resolutions, however, I believe there is a fundamental issue that needs to be addressed if we are to move forward successfully.  This topic came up in response […]

The Entrepreneur’s Mind Set – Do Whatever it Takes to Succeed.

How far would you queue? Take a look at this video promoting “Fantastic Delights”  which is in fact a $1 bag of potato chips!  See how far these people are willing to go to get the prize … Would you walk a mile through a ridiculously long queue, skate on ice, wade through a murky […]

The Master Key to Wealth is not to Make Money Online …

Bob Proctor, in his Six minutes to Success daily series, reminds us that his mentor Napoleon Hill wrote of coming up with a “definite major purpose” to keep us on track. In The Master Key to Riches Hill encourages us to reflect upon what we want from life. Its tough work. At first we tend to […]

I Know You

You and I have never met, but I know you. You are a person who is interested in improving your life. You have always felt in the back of your mind that you are capable of much more than what you are doing now. And you are right. You are looking for ways to improve […]

Originality & Creativity – Antidotes to Obsolescence during Rapid Change

We live in a rapidly changing world and the rate of innovation is accelerating so that a company’s products and methods can become obsolete before they’re even through the final stage of planning and the most striking aspect of obsolescence is it’s suddenness, regardless of size, assets, or prestige. A company can be prosperous one […]

Ben Franklin’s Daily Planner –

Josh sent me this “template for a life lived with meaning and purpose. He wrote feel free to print this out and keep it on hand.” For me, as for Josh, the two most powerful parts of it are those two questions Ben asks himself – one in the morning and one at night. What good […]

What if I were just starting out to make money online?

This is the question I wish I had asked, or had asked myself even, and answers I would like to have heard some time ago, instead I floundered around trying to make money online and  “work it all out” for myself. Knowing what I know now, the way I would begin in Internet Marketing if […]

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