I Know You

You and I have never met, but I know you. You are a person who is interested in improving your life. You have always felt in the back of your mind that you are capable of much more than what you are doing now. And you are right. You are looking for ways to improve your life, your relationships, and the lives of others. And you will find those ways.
I know this about you because I know it about myself. And since we are both human, I know we share these qualities. You see, as humans we have a natural desire to push through barricades, to create a powerful future, and to help others. We have a picture, though it may be deep in the recesses of our minds, of a life full of adventure and passion that we understand we will soon experience.
I also know that you are a good person, a caring person, and that you strive daily to contribute meaningfully to the world.
I know that you will blossom into an amazing person, sharing with the world your unique talents. I also know that you will create that opportunity and therefore give it to yourself. I know that whatever situation you are in now which is not in your best interest you will simply walk away from. I know that you will from now on choose only those things in your life which are helpful to you and which allow you to move toward your goals. I know this because we share this power.
I know that, although you are not always given full appreciation for your efforts, you persist. You continue onward because you understand on a very deep spiritual level that you are doing the right thing and are on the right path. And, indeed, you are.
And I want to thank you for being YOU. I want to thank you for setting an example of momentum and power in life. I want to tell you that you are greatly appreciated and that you can make a powerful difference in the lives of many people.


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