My Story

Welcome to “” a place for adventurous people who want to escape the prison of conformity for an expanded lifestyle of their choice.  Let me tell you my story.
A professional carer, I left my native Australia 15 years ago for New York City where its said  “If you can make it there,  you can make it anywhere …”  And so can you!    That is more true than ever nowadays with the internet.
Once my pursuit of the passion for psychotherapy was satisfied my next quest began when I was confronted with a deficiency that
I had been ignoring — making a sustainable income from a business rather than trading hours for dollars.
The purpose of “” is to share the story of how to  change the world by achieving personal goals while helping others at the same time.  The central idea is to help you focus on finding the life you want rather than living your life the way others expect you to live.  You can have a happy, healthy and “better” life.   That said, I am not suggesting you throw the baby out with the bathwater. My past experiences not only inform and nourish my quest, they guide my new path to wealth.  My training as a nurse, and studies and research in the Social Sciences, English Literature and Health Administration and Planning, body-oriented psychotherapy and psychoanalysis  will be in evidence when I write on personal development, productivity, leadership as well as about material that does not fit neatly into these categories.  And, since making s sustainable income using the internet is my personal goal, then it is a kind-of uberfocus at this stage because  you cannot help yourself or others when you are “broke”!

A Promise :
I am writing for persons who want to get out of the ratrace – maybe working full-time and yet near the poverty line?   You can expect helpful, insightful, relevant content applicable to your personal and professional life – three times a week.  To be sure to receive my newest posts subscribe by RSS or email.

To be continued.

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