Originality & Creativity – Antidotes to Obsolescence during Rapid Change

We live in a rapidly changing world and the rate of innovation is accelerating so that a company’s products and methods can become obsolete before they’re even through the final stage of planning and the most striking aspect of obsolescence is it’s suddenness, regardless of size, assets, or prestige. A company can be prosperous one day and faced with ruin the next.

The only insurance against this threat is creative people. The message for business as well as individuals in this rapidly changing world is very clear. The companies that survive and prosper will be those which hire creative people and encourage their growth. In particular, they’ll be companies with managers who foster inquiry and who demonstrate originality in their decision making.

The companies which survive are the ones which make a definite place in their annual budget for the development of their most valuable asset, their human resources. The message for every person who aspires to leadership is also very clear. The clear winner is the person who can handle complex problems created by the increasing speed of invention. It will not be the person who is the most crafty, the most shrewd, or even the most popular.

The survivor will be the person of exceptional originality. Its no longer enough to have a college degree, to be conscientious on the job, and to work hard to achieve and hold a position of leadership in this age of innovation. A person must spend a part of every day in self-development. Whether on a corporate or individual level, the answer is the same: education, continuing education but in a different way.

Discover and Develop Creative Confidence – David Kelley, PhD

Rather than developing the intellect, what we need to understand and develop nowadays is the untapped potential which we all possess and yet it’s virtually ignored. For instance, you might do this little success boosting exercise. With a little reflection and introspection, write down what you consider to be your five greatest strengths from a human resource point of view. Then, for each item you list brainstorm two things that you can do to make these strengths even stronger. What you are doing here is looking for ways to build on your strengths – acknowledge them and value them. You don’t ever want to take them for granted. Then use them to succeed – to get results. Develop your personal skills to pay the bills!

The Path is made by your choices and creativity.

The Path is made by your choices and creativity.

Joy isn’t the result of achieving success – its the fuel to create your success and what you’ll feel as you’re manifesting your purpose. So joy is not something out their in the distance – its inside of you this very moment, ready for you to access and enjoy at every step along the way.


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